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Our Spiro Tube Former and Spiro Gore Locker machines use dyes from 100mm to 1600mm, doing away with the conventional belt system. This ensures that our spiral ducting is accurate in diameter and does not taper from end to end.

Seams are machined joined making the ducting ideal for HVAC applications and  many others including: civil, textile and dust/ fume extractions.Sipro machines are manufactured in Switzerland by Spiro International, a global leader in ducting machinery.


Benefits of Spiral Ducting include:

  • Attractive appearance: Exposed spiral ducting is attractive and is frequently specified by architects because of its superior aesthetic appeal.
  • Paintable: Spiral ducting can be finished to blend in with or stand out from the indoor environment.
  • Economical to install: The unique attributes of spiral ducting can reduce installation costs.
  • Easier to install through and around structural framing.
  • Longer spans reduce installation operations and the number of connections and hangers required.
  • Lower cost of ownership: Spiral ducting reduces upfront and operating costs.
  • Lower air leakages, optimal airflow characteristics and less pressure drop allow smaller and more efficient air movement.
  • Inherently stronger, allowing the use of lighter gauge and less costly metals.
  • Efficiently manufactured from strip steel to any diameter.
  • Spiral ducting’s smooth interior traps less dust and is easier to clean.
  • Many options and accessories: a solution to almost any system design equipment.
  • Manifold ducting efficiently handles complex distribution requirements and reduces installation time.


We manufacture standard components for every application, such as gored and die formed elbows, tees, laterals, reducers, rectangular to round, transitions, pick-up hoods, clean outs, access doors, diverters and many more.


Custom components can be engineered for any purpose or specific application.

With 47 years’ experience in design, manufacture and installation of all types of ducting, we guarantee precision manufacturing at shorter turn-around times and competitive prices.

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