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Pal Ducting

Pal Ducting is pre-insulated ductwork with a unique foam making it 75% lighter than sheet metal ducting. We procure the original flat sheets from Pal International and manufacture the ducting according to client specifications at our own premises. We have vast experience in Pal ductwork and have supplied Pal Ducting to numerous key projects locally and abroad.


Benefits of Pal Ducting:

  • Cleanable and hygienic.
  • Environmentally friendly, CFC, HCFC free.
  • Clean Air: Contains no microfibers.
  • Light Weight: Only 15% of sheet metal ducting.
  • Resistance to fungus growth.
  • Space Saving: Flush fitting installation possible.
  • Low Leakage: Fully sealed systems conforms to DW 144 Class C-high pressure.
  • Low ‘U’ value.
  • Energy Savings: Up to 20% annually.
  • Fast-Track Installation: Rapid erection combined with single fix installation.
  • Site fabrication capability.
  • No limits to duct sizes.
  • High-Competitive strength.
  • High rigidity/ integrity.
  • Base material is impermeable to moisture, insoluble.


With 47 years’ experience in design, manufacture and installation of all types of ducting, we guarantee precision manufacturing at shorter turn-around times and competitive prices.

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