Thermaire Investments has recently purchased state-of-the-art machinery for its Ductshop branches in Johannesburg, and Cape Town. At a Capex investment of R 6 million, these presses will result in quicker turnaround times and absolute precision ducting, also reducing human error.

Five different machines, including a Hydraulic Seam Lock machine and a Corner-Fitter machine, are set to streamline the duct manufacturing process.

Now our production plants are equipped with the best automatic duct line complete with the TDF Roll-Forming Station and Ancillary Machine, allowing us to produce top-quality ducting at an efficient pace.

In contrast to the traditional Mezz Flange Ducting, our Ancillary Machines allow us to incorporate the TDF flange throughout our rectangular or square fittings range, enabling a complete system with minimal leakage and effective performance.

We supply rectangular ductwork and associated ductwork fabrications, in galvanised steel, mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Other special materials and finishes are available, along with a full range of fittings and ancillary components.

Rectangular ducting is available in almost any size or shape.